Dog Grooming at Home

There is always a reason why grooming salons are preferred for dogs but we don’t want our dogs to compromise their elegant look and style because of the pandemic. Wait, did I miss hygiene? All of this relates to hygiene in the first place.

Just like humans have their own skin type and not one formula suits all, dogs too need care according to their type. However, there are some grooming habits which are essential aspects of dog care, regardless of the breed. 


To keep your dog’s fur shiny and glossy you need to brush their hair on regular intervals. The amount of brushing depends on the coat and texture of the dog. To attain a sense of comfort, each type of hair should be brushed with a specific kind of brush. The details can be found below:

Type of HairType of Brush
ShortRubber curry brush or Shedding tool
Short and ThickUndercoat Rake or Shedding tool
Medium lengthSlicker or Undercoat Rake
StraightPin or Dematting tool

The reason brushing is required is that it helps the furry pals to get rid of loose hair strands. This also helps their body to circulate naturally generated oils into their hair roots. But this will only be successful when it is conducted at the right time. Brushing should always be done before their baths.

Hair Trimming

Grooming of a highly active animal and scissors is a hair- raising combination. And that too, doing it at home…. The thought itself gives one goose bumps but it is not impossible. Although professionals’ help would be a bonus but doing it at home would simply mean that your pawed friend would enjoy his or her grooming session the most.

While trimming your dogs’ hair, try to cover the common bodily areas like ears, paws and face. But make sure the equipment used like clipper blades should be at the right temperature. Attaching a  comb to it would be considered a better option.

Areas which catch others attention are the hairs around eyes, chin and lips. These should be eliminated with utmost care and precaution. The hair around eyes causes irritation and problem in their sight. While the hairs around chin and lips can be problematic when they nibble down their food as it might get stuck there.

So, whenever you plan to do so, make sure that your dog and you, both are at ease and comfortable.

dog grooming


Hygiene matters! Be it a human or a dog!

So to maintain the hygiene level, make sure to bath your paw pal at intervals. The right time for bathing is always after their trimming, be it hair or nails.

Choose the right armours for your fight by selecting some hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners. Using human shampoos might affect them.

Dog shampoos and conditioners should always be tested first on a smaller area. This might indicate whether the product causes irritation to the user or not.

Apart from the shampoos and conditioners, the environment matters the most. You might think of giving them a bath in your bathroom which would suffice for a smaller dog. But, for dogs who appear larger, have them enjoy their bathing time in an open area, preferably a lawn.

Also using equipment like a hose should have a sprinkler attached to its mouth so that water could freely run through the dog’s hair, just like it would in a shower.

The proper way to bath your furry pal is to start from the rear all the way to the front. Rinse thoroughly until every last bit of shampoo has drained out.

Nail Trimming

When the thought of hygiene occurs, the concern of nails is ranks amongst the top three. Long walk, running around, chasing stuff….. All this makes your four-pawed pal’s body strong which results in growing of nails too.

Whenever you sit down to trim their nails, make sure that the underside of paws are visible to you. Be aware and try not to cut their nails too short. This might hurt them and even result in the nail to bleed.

Black nails might make it difficult for you to see the blood vessels whereas it is quite evident in transparent or white nails. For the darker nails, there is a tiny dot surrounded by white, that’s when you have reached the blood vessel. If, by any chance, the bleeding starts, a Styptic powder might come handy.

Beware: Nail trimmers can cause a loud argument between you and your pooch.

Ear Cleaning

Ears are very important to be cleaned in order to maintain good hygiene. To do the cleaning process carefully, use an ear cleaner or a witch hazel on a cotton ball. If it comes out all dirty, try visiting a vet as it might be an indication of infection. If not, then it’s a good sign.

Eye Cleaning

The question of how to clean anybody’s eyes is quite risky. You have to be very careful while checking your pooches’ eyes too. If you come across any discharge seeping from the eye which was caused by an injury or an allergic reaction, it’s an indication of infection. To make sure that they are okay, they should be clear of any cloudiness with minimal redness.

TO DO: Eye check-ups should be done once a week, if not more possible.

Tooth Brushing Or Use of Dental Hygiene Chewing Treats

Oral hygiene takes a turn when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. If not done properly in dogs, it might lead to some very serious situations like abscesses, heart disease and worse, teeth falling out. Gum disease should never be taken lightly.

Let them try out the toothpaste (made especially for dogs) with your fingertips as a first step. Gradually try using a brush which would make them get used to it. If they get agitated or irritated by it, stop the process. Rather use dental sprays or wipes instead.

FACT: Dogs are prone to periodontal disease and dental problems from as young as three years old.

So now you and your furry pal are all ready to take on the hygiene mission. Go slow and take your time…. You might just make memories for life!

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