Dogs Maintaining Healthy Habits At Bark N Walk

The focus of Bark N Walk is on the health, well-being, and happiness of all dogs. Dogs spend the day at our dog boarding with other like-minded puppies, strengthening their socialization skills, exercising in a playful manner, and learning new skills, all while being professionally cared for. Bark N Walk knows that dogs are family, and we want to make sure they have a happy and healthy life. Weight is one of the most important elements influencing a dog’s overall health.

With over 50 million dogs deemed obese today, it is time for pet parents to make the required changes in their dogs’ lives to avoid health-related difficulties such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, shortened life expectancy, and other sad conditions that can damage their pets.

By taking your dog to daycare, you are ensuring that your furry family members continue to battle obesity and obtain the activity (both physical and mental) they require to live a long and healthy life.

While at dog boarding, the average Bark N Walk dog walks more than 30,000 steps each day; at home, pups move less than 7,000 steps! Your dog will participate in a variety of workouts and games while in our care to get their heart rate up and those steps in. All of this entertainment is actually exercise, and who doesn’t enjoy making workouts enjoyable?


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Here are some of the games and activities that our Bark N Walk pups may enjoy while at dog boarding:

  • Agility Exercises: Bark N Walk’s playrooms are stocked with a range of agility and playroom equipment. Throughout the day, dogs are free to stroll up, jump up, and play with the equipment. When a Canine Coach instructs a dog to jump up on the agility equipment, they are rewarded with verbal praise and pets. They are working their muscles and keeping their bodies robust by jumping on this apparatus on order. Many dog boarding will also build up agility courses to challenge the dogs’ bodies and minds by having them follow a certain course to go through.


  • Name Recognition: Not only is it critical for a dog to know their name in an emergency, but it is also a terrific way to keep a dog moving around the playroom. When Bark N Walk canines come to the Canine Coach who called their name, they are rewarded. This is not only a crucial skill to master, but it is also a simple approach to excite the playroom.


  •  Intellect Games: It is just as vital to training a dog’s muscles as it is to strengthen a dog’s brain! Brain games enable dogs to utilize their wits to attain a goal, whether that objective is vocal praise and petting at Bark N Walk dog boarding or a treat if they are playing brain games.


Physical and mental activity, as well as nutritious nutrition, all contribute to a well-balanced puppy. Bark N Walk dog boarding facilities conduct special treat days while focusing on a dog’s health and nutrition. Healthy treat alternatives such as carrots, green beans, and watermelon (without seeds) may be included on some of these treat days. Dogs like these special treats, and pet parents adore the extra attention shown to their furry family members in order for them to live as long, happy, and healthy a life as possible.

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