PawSome Homes – A Second Home for Your Dog

Odds are, if you have a Dog, the day will come when you’ll have to leave him behind for a trip, work, or visit with the relatives, etc. Whether you travel frequently or occasionally for work or just hit the road once a year, you’ll want to make the perfect arrangements for the care of your doggo.

For some dog parents, this can be a stressful part of being away from their little ones. All Dogs and dog parents vary. Some ­dogs settle into the boarding routine readily and seem to enjoy the change of scene. Others pine away for their parents, refuse to eat, and are generally miserable for the entire stay. Likewise, some owners don’t think twice about dropping their pets at boarding facilities, while others wring their hands in fretful worry.

Bark n Walk provides almost every service which is needed for your dog. One of these is named as PawSome Homes which is our dog boarding. We have an open space with the clean and green ground for dogs to play. Our dedicated dog caretakers play ball, fetch, frisbee with fellow dogs among other play and fun activities. 

dog boarding

Dog cabins get cleaned every day as dogs are sensitive and need hygiene as much as we do. All our dog cabins are air-conditioned & spacious so that the little ones don’t feel hot and cramped up. We have CCTV installed for our administrative purpose so that facility owners can keep an eye on the care takers and the dogs both and nothing goes wrong in the daily operations. We share recorded videos and arrange video calls for dog parents during their play or meal time. With the visual presentation of what their dog is doing dog, parents can be stress-free and focus on their work or enjoy their time without worrying about their little one.

We have trained and professional dog caretakers who treat guest dogs just like their own. They feed them, clean them, play with them and give them the affection a dog wants. Meals are a healthy and delicious treat for your canine so that, he/she just feels at home during the stay. Dog food is prepared by our cook with proper hygiene and sanitation. 

We have the facility of day boarding and 24*7 dog boarding as well. During the stay of the dogs, we have veterinary doctors available in case any dog falls sick. The dog caretakers are always aware of what is happening around them, so the chances of an incident taking place are very less unless your dog ends up attacking our caretakers out of separation anxiety. Yes we have been bitten by guest dogs who were too frightened at a new place and suffered from severe separation anxiety issue. Hence we always emphasise on bringing your dog to our dog park for play & getting familiar with our boarding place & care takers before dropping them for long stays at a very nominal fee.

Besides fun and games activities we offer basic grooming and dog training sessions in which dog parents can avail themselves with prior appointments. Our dog grooming experts and dog trainers are experienced professionals who handle the dogs with care & caution.

Whether you have a sensitive pet or you’re a sensitive pet owner, the best way to ease the str­ess of boarding your pet is to find a situation that both you and your pet are comfortable with. Make sure your pet is prepared for its time away from home and with us he will feel like he is at its second home. But you must be sure that your pet is toilet trained & understands basic commands to spend time around other dogs and caretakers.

Otherwise, neither your dog nor our caretakers would be able to make good memories. during the stay. If your dog is not mature enough to be around other dogs during the boarding, we can try and get him accustom to see other dogs and still stay calm and not frightened. However, we won’t get him mingle with others as we can not take risk of making him/her feel threatened which might lead to fight. We let guest dogs play with each other only when we are sure that every dog is safe in each other’s company. Otherwise, we attend unfriendly dogs separately so that no one misses the play time & exercise. So now what are you waiting for? Leave your dog with us and do your work or take that trip without worrying about how your doggo would be doing. You can always trust Bark n Walk for your dog and let him have a good time with other furry friends even when you are away.

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