Ticking-Off Ticks from Your Adorable Doggo’s Skin- Possible Diseases and Importance of Dog Grooming

The physical well-being of a dog, as well as its looks, is critical to its physical and emotional well-being. When it comes to grooming, it’s not only about keeping your dog clean; it’s also about keeping its health in control. Dog Grooming on a regular basis helps you to detect any underlying disorders or problems early on. You will be able to treat the disease more effectively, resulting in a shorter recovery time for your pet.

Tick season does not usually begin until the spring. It will, however, take place in the spring. Experts predict that the flea and tick season will begin before the month of May arrives. Ticks are far worse than fleas in terms of causing Lyme Disease, which you don’t want to see in your pets. Lyme disease treatment can be time-consuming and expensive. When a dog is diagnosed with Lyme Disease, death is expected. To avoid this, we at Bark n Walk offer the best dog grooming services.

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that can be fatal. So, if you’re walking your dog in an area where there are deer or lambs, keep a tight eye on him. If your dog has Lyme disease, you may observe the following symptoms:

1.) a decrease in appetite

2.) depressed mood

3.) Illness

4.) dullness

5.) aching and swollen joints

6.) lymph nodes that are enlarged

If you suspect your pet has Lyme disease, call your veterinarian right once.


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Things to remember:

  • Water won’t get rid of ticks, so don’t count on it. When you get home and bathe your dog, you’ll discover that warm water won’t eliminate the ticks on his skin. The reason for this is that they can withstand water.


  • Before washing your dog’s clothes, put them in the dryer as soon as you get home. Ticks on your dog’s clothes, as well as yours, will be killed by the heat from the dryer.


  • Take your Tick Removal Kit with you whether you go for a stroll or to work because ticks can be found on your clothes anywhere. A single warm Winter Day will expose you and your clothing to the bite of a dog’s tick.


  • White paper or an inexpensive blanket must be included in your kit. The sheet must be white in order to see if any ticks have crawled off your dog’s skin and onto the white sheet put on the floor.

Benefits of Dog Grooming:

Dog Grooming is a difficult process. It necessitates the use of the appropriate equipment, products, and processes. A competent groomer will teach your dog the necessary steadiness for handling, restraint, and care. He’ll show you how to wash your teeth properly, cut your nails, and use scissors or clippers.

1.) Educates you on how to deal with dog anxiety.

2.) Health and Safety Instructions

3.) Your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs.

4.) A Dog-Friendly Environment

5.) Less Shedding

6.) Prevents Ear Infections

7.) Happier Pet

Bark n Walk offers the best dog grooming in South Delhi if you want your furry companion to have a good time while also getting groomed. Your dog will be comfortable and safe in our secure and friendly daycare environment.

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