Why Pet Grooming Is Important? | Benefits Of Pet Grooming

The notion of grooming your dog or cat or any other pet at home does flow around the fact that it is quite easy. Well, the pet parent would never agree to it!

Pets, usually dogs and cats, seem to showcase some behavioral problems while getting groomed at home.

What does grooming mean to a pet parent?

When the question of grooming is raised before a pet parent, the usual reaction some people get is- it is exciting yet tiring!

Grooming usually refers to the trimming of hair and nails, giving them some pleasant and medicated baths, using hygienic and pet-friendly products, and treating them with utter care and love.

But, there is always something that disturbs the pet parents. We all agree to the fact that most pet parents face a very common issue of behavioral imbalance while grooming their pet(s). Such problems result in unpleasant conflicts and create difficult situations for both parties.

There are various ways to control and solve such situations. But first, we need to understand why grooming is important for your furry friend.

Importance of Grooming

Imagine you are sitting at your home in your pjs and suddenly it hits you how unclean your house looks and how untidy you look! Similarly, when your dog or cat or any pet doesn’t get proper grooming at certain intervals, they might feel the same.

The concept of grooming is much more than just hair trimming. It does the following:

It removes loose fur, especially when your pet may be shedding a heavy winter coat. This keeps your pet more comfortable and minimizes shed hair.

It helps remove fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and other pests from your pet’s coat. This keeps your pet more comfortable and reduces the risks from illnesses those pests carry.


It can minimize any discomfort or deformities your pet may have in their claws if the claws are kept properly trimmed and evenly balanced.

Practicing it at specific problem areas, such as around the ear, eyes, and paws, can help keep your pet cleaner and prevent infections.

Pet Grooming

What kind of behavior problems do groomers face?

While the groomers are always occupied with a lot of customers, they often tend to interact with a lot of different personalities. Some of them might appear to be very easy while some might throw a lot of tantrums. Some of the most common types of problems are:


Getting exposed to a new environment, many pets usually lash out at the groomers. They might show aggression towards the groomer and put them at the risk of getting bit by them.


When the dogs or cats or any other pet feels unwanted attention, they might showcase their fear, stress, or anger by yelling, shouting, crying at a high pitch. They, most probably, howl, bark, whine or make other noises that result in disturbing other clients.


Just like a scared child tries to avoid a doctor, pets also show such behavior. They try to avoid the groomer’s touch by trying to wriggle or run. They, most of the time, start trembling or limping whenever they try to avoid the groomer. This often results in making the groomer’s job difficult and puts the pet at a high risk of getting injured.

How can this problem be fixed?

To every problem in the world, there pertains a solution. There are several steps that can be considered by both parties in order to solve it:

Try familiarising your pet with the environment

Every pet owner should understand the need to help their pet in getting aware of a new environment beforehand. This means that they can build a comfortable connection with it and be at ease whenever they need to get groomed.

Try meeting the groomer beforehand

Before taking your pet to a groomer, make sure to meet up with them before once. This is necessary because different groomers use different techniques and this needs to be introduced to the pet for their understanding and comfort.

There are various other methods too but these need to be put on the priority. All types of grooming behavior problems make the process more difficult, which in turn makes it even more stressful for the pet.

Behavioral problems are not new to groomers and one can take various steps to make grooming as stress-free for your pet as possible.

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