Why Is It Important To Create An Ecosystem For The Street Dogs Around Our Locality & Why?

There’s a reason why dogs are known as man’s best friends. For generations, humans and dogs have had a particular affinity. These affectionate pups assist us in reducing anxiety and stress while also loving us unconditionally. While we offer our dogs nice and reassuring cuddles, there are some miserable pups that live on the streets and are frequently denied any affection. For the same, Bark n Walk also provides all the essentials to stray dogs!

Why do such pure spirits come under attack?

When stray dogs bite in response, people usually attack them, kill or take away their puppies, and demand their mass murder. In his classic work, ‘The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness,’ Erich Fromm, a prominent psychologist, and social philosopher, provided insight into man’s irrational and violent behavior. “Man’s past is a record of exceptional destructiveness and cruelty, and human hostility, it appears, considerably exceeds that of man’s animal progenitors,” he said. “Man, in contrast to other animals, is a true “killer.”

The health of stray dogs is improving with each passing day. Few organizations and groups continue to take the required steps to assist and accommodate stray dogs, as well as treat their illnesses in order to enhance their health and living conditions. Stray dogs dwell on the streets or in slums, where they feed on unsanitary waste made by the local population. They frequently do not have enough food to eat, and as a result, the majority of them are malnourished. Local behavior is also a source of worry, since just a few individuals treat them with kindness, while the others regard them as a nuisance. In addition, they are subjected to harsh practices such as poisoning and flogging. Hit-and-run incidents are a prevalent occurrence that primarily affects little pups.


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Why create a safe ecosystem?

The solution is straightforward. You frequently find yourself surrounded by stray dogs when you leave your house. Some appear to be in good health, while others appear to be injured, hungry, or feeble. Some of them even have illness symptoms. Should you simply go by them, avoiding your gaze, and go about your business? What will happen if you do so? The stray dog population is growing, and you will see more of them on your streets in the coming days. This is not beneficial to you or your community, and it is especially harmful to these pets. We at Bark n Walk operate a dog care center that not only feeds food to stray dogs but also adopts them to keep our minds calm.

How to make them feel good?

1.) Implementing a deliberate and safe sterilization drive: Municipalities around the country must conduct sterilization initiatives to limit the population of stray dogs. The government’s sterilization campaigns have only been partially effective thus far due to various factors.

2.) Respect for feeders/volunteers: It is important to recognize that feeding stray dogs indirectly aids sterilization initiatives. The feeders or volunteers are able to gain the trust of the dogs, making it simpler to vaccinate or sterilize them.

3.) Cruelty to animals is not acceptable: Let us not bring ill karma upon ourselves by being unkind to these innocent, voiceless animals.

4.) Respect for animal rights: India’s stray dogs have coexisted with people since the Vedic era.

We value every bit of your feelings, that’s why Bark n Walk gives the best facility of dog care center in Delhi-NCR because Dogs are generally expressive and gregarious creatures who are willing to ‘speak’ to us if we pay attention to them.


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