Does Your Dog Face Separation Anxiety When You Leave Him? This is The Pawfect Place to Keep Him.

Going on a work trip, summer vacation, weddings, or a family emergency, whatever may be the reason but your dog does feel alone and anxious whenever a member of the family leaves him for a day or two, or a long period.

 Let us first understand what exactly separation anxiety is, it is a behavioral disorder that occurs in dogs when they are separated from their parents or a specific member of the family. Dogs who feel separation anxiety wait on cues from their special person to go about their day, but when they do not hear from that person, these emotional and sensitive doggos sometimes don’t know how to function. 

They might not have learned coping mechanisms to help in dealing with scary sounds, or something frightening that happened when their person was away. Nobody knows the real reason but dogs feel anxious when their parents leave them, just like kids feel in a certain way without their parents.

Not every dog suffers from separation anxiety, but it can have an impact on any dog no matter what is the size or age of the dog. Dog breeds with a genetic susceptibility for anxiety are at a higher risk for developing separation anxiety. Younger dogs and dogs with high energy are also more likely to have separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as a dog parent picking up the car keys. This means that the pup has associated something negative with this visual, and now he will get upset every time the keys are picked, as he knows that his master is going somewhere.

Dogs with separation anxiety are likely to pace a lot when their owner leaves. They may go from room to room looking for their owner or constantly walk to the door or window. Dogs may display typical anxious behavior such as excessive panting, drooling, barking, and howling. Some dogs with moderate to severe separation anxiety may urinate or defecate in the house. They may also destroy doorways, furniture, bedding, toys, etc. in severe cases. Dogs with separation anxiety will especially try to chew on things that smell like their special person, including socks and underwear.  

dog separation anxiety

Treating Separation Anxiety

There are many distinct ways to help treat the separation anxiety of your little one, and it is important to note that there is no one way that will be hundred percent effective. Vets will often recommend combining multiple methods for maximum results.

Training and behavior modification are the most important aspects of treatment. If you can help your pup to learn how to be calm without your presence, he will have little to no issues when you leave the house. Crate training may be one way to help because some dogs feel safer in a small enclosure. Rewards like treats and toys should be given to your dog when he is exhibiting desired behavior, i.e., he is calm and relaxed, so that he associates good things with calm behavior. It is also essential to remove as many visual cues as possible.

Many calming supplements are available for purchase. These items contain ingredients that have a naturally calming effect. Products that contain dog-appeasing pheromones – like the one that comes from a mother dog when she feeds her babies – are available in many forms like collars, sprays, wipes, and oil diffuser plug-ins. Chewable supplements may contain ingredients like tryptophan or alpha-casozepine which have naturally calming effects but without any drowsiness.

Medicines can also be prescribed for separation anxiety, especially if your dog has such severe anxiety that it is difficult for him to undergo behavior modification and learning to be calm. Tranquilizers are not recommended because they merely cause sedative effects yet do not address a dog’s anxiety. Instead, medications like fluoxetine and clomipramine are prescribed by veterinarians. Both have been approved for use in dogs by the Food and Drug Administration, and it can take anywhere from one to four weeks before improvements are seen. Like with any medication, however, it is possible to have side effects such as restlessness, agitation, and gastrointestinal upset.

Bark n Walk Dog Day Care and Boarding Service

Whenever you feel like your dog won’t be able to live alone without you. He would feel separated and lonely, “PawSome Homes” by Bark n Walk will come for your rescue. Their Boarding is like a second home for your dog. They treat your dog with love, care, and affection as the most important thing for a pup is not materialism and luxury but, the feeling that he is desired and needed. A dog will set his heart on a person where he knows that he is adored. At Bark n Walk the dog caretakers treat the doggos with warmth and tenderness. Dogs get the human touch that they desire & deserve Everyone can provide all the luxury but, what is the point of leaving your dog somewhere where he still feels lonely. When your dog is with Bark n Walk, he will have his heart and they will have his. They not just give healthy food and play but also give massage and do combing everyday just like you do at home. Dogs are never tied and they have enough space to move around inside their cabins. Para vets and Veterinary doctors are empaneled for any kind of medical assistance. To top it all your dog would get friends of his kind during the off-leash play time. So, next time whenever you need or plan to travel and can’t take your dog along, have a heart & drop him in a better space, keep him at Bark n Walk.

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