Planning A Vacation? Let Bark n Walk Dog Boarding Centre Take Care Of Your Doggo


It’s always exciting to take a trip away from home for a few days, to feel refreshed and charged up. However, this is the time when you find yourself in the dilemma of leaving your pooch behind. While some of us choose to take our furry buddies with us, some look at other options. As a high-quality Dog Boarding Centre, we understand that it might be difficult for your puppy to be separated from you for the first time. That is when Bark n Walk comes to your rescue! Instead of asking for favours from your friends or relatives, it will be easier and stress-free to enroll your canine at Bark nWalk Pawsome Homes.

Let us understand why taking your Pooch to a Dog Boarding Centre is worth it:

Dedicated caretakers– You must be thinking about how much attention your pup will be receiving as there will be many other dogs at Dog Boarding Centre.

Well, nobody can replace you with your dog. You take care of just one furry kid and they take care of many at one time, yet your kid would never be overlooked. BarknWalk has dedicated caretakers to take care of your furry buddy without any hassles. Likely your pooch will be getting enough attention to feel at home. Simply stating, the caretakers at BarknWalk Dog boarding facility adore dogs and do the best for them!

Socialization– Every dog is unique, with different behaviours, personalities, and energy levels. Allowing each dog to enjoy their experience in their own unique way allows them to fully express themselves and work through any pent-up energy without feeling overburdened.

We understand canine behaviour and body language and work hard to ensure that every dog has a positive time with us, while also bringing in new experiences for dogs that haven’t had as much chance to socialize.

Dog Boarding Centre

Hygienic & Air-Conditioned Cabins- Dogs are too delicate and frail to live in an unsanitary environment, they develop allergies and severe illnesses in unhygienic places.

We prioritize your dog’s health and safety, therefore the first thing we do in the morning is to take them out for a potty break and then exercise them in our dog park. Meanwhile, our other staff goes to work cleaning up the cabins since, like us, dogs need a clean place to sit, move, sleep, or rest during the day.

Fun Activities– Keeping a dog confined to a room all day can be stressful. It’s not healthy for their well-being if they spend too much time laying around. Bark n Walk, on the other hand, is a place where your dog will be actively engaged in various fun activities. They can run around with other dogs, play fetch, and go on walks with the staff.

Peace Of Mind– Another significant advantage of dog daycare is peace of mind. While you are at work, you can feel certain that your dog is well-cared for until you come. It’s comforting to know that your furry friend is socializing with other dogs, playing, and receiving enough physical activity.

These are simply some of the amazing benefits associated with our dog boarding service. So, whenever you plan for a trip, think no further and go along while dropping your dog at Bark n Walk Pawsome Homes where he would be at a professional yet comfortable place.

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