How to Keep your Dog’s Fur Shiny?

If you are looking for the best dog grooming service in Delhi-NCR, Bark n walk has something of your interest in their bags. Although many pet owners want to do their best in grooming their dogs and approach various professionals for satisfying results, this trend is now taking a new turn. Unfortunately, we all are stuck in a pandemic that has restricted our movement and so goes for these furry fairies.

Oh, how much they loved going wild and running along the field, playing frisbees in the park, fetching the ball, and just so much more fun…. All this has now come to a halt and they don’t even have a slight clue about what is happening.

This became a big problem for new dog parents when they didn’t understand how to groom their dogs at home. Although many of them did dog grooming at home using products suited best for their pooches, they do face a big issue when it comes to maintaining their fur’s shine and texture. The high percentage of chemicals in the products affect a lot on their skin and fur making them lose a lot of their glossy look. This often leads the parents to search the internet and scroll through various articles on topics related to this. This blog follows a similar pattern and hopes to help distressed parents find answers to their various queries.

How to keep your dog’s fur shiny

1- Diet: Emphasis on proper diet

Your furry friend may be finishing off their meal quickly but are they getting the right nutrition?

Providing them with their favourite foods might seem enticing but it may also be missing the right amount of nutrients and proteins. A dull coat is a major indication of a lack of proteins. It adds health and helps them get lustrous hair.

A dog’s coat has 90% protein. When there is protein deficiency in the dog’s body, its fur is weaker, easily breaks, and struggles to grow again. Thus less protein intake can harm your dog’s coat health. Including ​chicken or lamb in their diet can help them build a much softer, shinier, and lustrous fur!

Apart from protein, a dog parent’s focus should also be on providing them with Zinc. It is an essential nutrient that works mostly in beautifying the fur. Diseases like ​​zinc deficiency dermatitis can affect a few breeds of dogs.

2- Bath: Regular bathing

Regular bathing doesn’t mean daily bathing. Dog parents should be aware that giving your dog a daily bath might result in them losing their natural oil which is secreted from their skin.

Draw them a bath once or twice a month. I know it sounds weird and you would want to bathe them daily, but, by doing so, you are unintentionally making their fur dull. How often you should do it depends on a few factors like the type of fur they have, their coat length, how dirty they are to name a few.

Apart from this, the pet parent should also very carefully choose the products like moisturizing shampoo and organic conditioner to prevent skin irritation, rich with Vitamin E will soothe your dog’s hair and skin.

3- Fatty Acids: Omega- 3 and Omega-6

Your fur baby can get a skin disorder if their diet is not enriched with Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are beneficial for your pup as these fatty acids work to combat dry skin, hair loss, and general irritation. Omega-6 fights infections while Omega-3 can affect your furry pal’s mood and also help in easing arthritis pain.

4- Oils: Use of coconut oil

Although oils have also been an essential ingredient for grooming, using coconut oil specifically would give extremely good results. It strengthens the hair follicles and gives shine to them.

5- Last resort: A call to the vet

Consulting a veterinarian is always a good and safe choice. Getting a professional’s advice would help you get an idea of the problem your furry friend might be facing and what remedies would help you combat them.

Medical issues like parasites, fleas, ticks, infections, and others can drain the essential nutrients required to maintain a glossy fur. One of the major indications of bacterial infection in dogs is that foul musky odour generating from your pooch even after a bath!

You want your dog to look wonderful no matter what breed it is, what age it is, or what size it is. A happy dog has a healthy coat, which might be a good predictor of general health.

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