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We understand that managing a dog is like managing a small child for years. And it is very difficult for working dog parents, senior citizens, frequent travellers to give enough time & energy that regular good care of a dog demands. That is when we come to your rescue, when your dog is on boarded with us you can leave all your worries behind because he will be in good, caring and compassionate hands indeed.

But we understand it is even more difficult for you to trust anyone for your tiny pooch. We say that we care, but you will always have a question in mind if we really do. Well, our services are not just limited to centrally air-conditioned rooms or 24hours-security surveillance fir administrative purpose. It is much beyond that. For us the health & safety of your dog is paramount therefore, first thing we do in the morning is take them out for toilet & then exercise at our dog park. Meanwhile our other staff gets busy cleaning up the cabins because just like us, they need a clean space to sit move, sleep or relax during the day. Unhygienic surroundings causes allergies and serious diseases as dogs are too sensitive and fragile to live in an unhygienic environment.

Dog Boarding

Fitness plays a very crucial role in a dog’s overall well-being. When he is fit and healthy from within, he is happy on the outside. A healthy & happy So never suffers from depression, yes! Dogs can also have depression! Coming back to the point, many times when a dog looks sad it can be due to lack of exercise or physical activities. We prefer to make the dogs run around, play fetching games which are forms of good exercise for them not just in the early mornings, but evenings too so that they are happy and chirpy throughout. Being active is the key to a dog’s health. But he can’t be active without enough nutrients in his body, we provide two wholesome and delicious meals and a snack in the evening which are packed with nutrients. Our food is something your dog will drool over.

In the evening when it is time to play, we bring the dogs out when the sun is down and the heat is gone. Our dog caretakers love to play with furry paws as much as their roving eyes want to play with them. But not every dog is friendly with its companions so, at times when a dog is temperamental, our care taker play with him or her alone and not when other dogs are around. We play frisbee, fetch, tug of war, digging, and water games too. However game timings depends on the weather and the dog’s behavior, when he is in the mood. Along with these games & good food our dog care takers also comb their hair, clean paws and give them bath if needed be. Besides taking care of your dog our care takers maintain the cleanliness of the whole farm house too.

At night after their meals when it is the time to sleep, our caretakers cuddle and are there for them until they doze off. Sometimes the reason for a dog not falling asleep can be a serious issue. We make sure that their sleep is sound. That’s not it, our care takers also sleep near their cabins. We handle them with care and caution so you don’t have to worry about their health & safety. Despite such a hectic & busy schedule our care takers do take our time to make videos and share with you. However, in intervals during the stay as it is impossible to share videos every day.

This is all about a life of our dog care takers which is not at all easy and must be respected but not doubted.

Last but not the least, we have round-the-clock veterinary support available for our guest dogs in case of any medical needs.

So when you plan for a trip, Make yourself and your kid a part of our PawSome Homes, which is truly awesome and trust worthy. We provide both hourly based day care and twenty-four hours boarding service. Leave your worries behind and dog with us and go do your work or spend your vacation without any hassle or being anxious about how your dog would be doing. He would be with professional yet at a comfortable and home with full of emotions and most importantly a place where the love is reciprocated.

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