Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Listening to Your Commands and The Solution to Unusual Behaviour

Is your pet giving you deaf ears and not listening to your commands all the time? We have listed some of the reasons which lead to such behaviour. If you do not have the time to be patient with your dog and make him learn the basics, or if your dog has crossed all the boundaries in showing unusual behaviour then it’s time to look for a Dog Training Centre which will be helpful for your dog as well as for you. 

When your dog is ignoring your commands, hold away from repeating the command over and over and imposing yourself till you get a response; instead, take a step back and replicate on consideration the following situations which are some of the most well-known issues encountered when training dogs.  


  • Health Problems  

If your dog is not listening to you, he would possibly also be feeling sick or uncomfortable. If your dog has constantly been obedient and is now slacking off, it is important to consult with your vet in case there are any health problems. Sloppy sits or a reluctance to lay down may are indicative of orthopaedic problems.  

  • Fewer Treats  

 It is hard to debunk the fable that puppies work for us simply to please us. As opportunistic beings, pups are most possibly wondering, “what’s in it for me?” under the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). The right use of treats can truly make the difference between a canine who is eager to work and one who could not care less.   

  • Reduced Rewards  

In the initial tiers of getting to understand that there are plenty of distractions around, your canine may also discover sniffing the grass, searching around, marking territory, and pulling on the leash more lucrative than training. Why is that? It is likely because some stimuli are extra charming and are well worth paying larger interest to. You must distract him from something more interesting, like rewards.  

  • Too Much Pressure 

It is often tempting to try to teach new behaviours in a single evening. When your dog stops working for you, you begin thinking, “Am I asking for the right deal at once?” Truth is, in many instances when puppies fail to reply to command it is due to the fact it is too difficult for them. So, strive now not to ramp up the problem too quickly; rather, wreck the goal down into attainable steps to help your canine succeed. 

  • Improper Training  

If the dog trainer has a record of being inconsistent and is no longer following with the dog, there is a risk the dog may have discovered disobeying behaviours. An unprofessional dog trainer can be the root of the cause so, make sure to choose wisely for your little one.  

  • Confusion In Understanding  

Dogs thrive on consistency, so make certain that you continuously use the same instruction pattern and all other people teaching the dog are on the same page. If you ask for a command and your dog just stare at you, reflect on consideration on if that command has an archive of being used consistently. 

There can be multiple reasons for your dog’s behaviour, and you won’t even know, for example, the weather is too hot, too windy, or he is just not in the mood, there is a multitude of possibilities. Often, a distracted dog may also truly need to relieve himself somewhere else, and not in front of his dog parent. That is when a dog training school should be your go-to place.  

Bark n Walk provides almost every service which is needed for your dog. One of those is named as PawCademy which is a dog training school. They have an open space with a trained professional and a healthy and delicious treat for your canine so that, he/she just feels at home during the training session. They teach puppies with important behavioural instructions like sit down, shake hands, fetch, No, etc. They also provide grooming, day-care with 24*7 dog boarding, and most importantly they have veterinary services which are available round the clock. 

They also teach toilet training which is very essential for your dog and your comfort. Also, the great part is, when your dog is misbehaving or restless you know where you must go to, they exactly comprehend how to deal with your dog’s bad behaviour.

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