After Behaviors of Dog Boarding

Changing locations, habits, foods, and other patterns in your dog’s life might create stress. Every dog reacts and manages stress in a unique way. You may notice one or more of these five changes after picking up your dog from dog boarding. Most will vanish in a day or two. If it persists or is a significant deviation from your dog’s normal for more than three days, consult your veterinarian. However, this is common behavior yet important for you to deal


Dog Boarding


  • Excessive Drinking

When you bring Fluffy home, she will not stop drinking. Your first query should be when she last drank. Was she able to go to the water? Yes, she did have access to water. Boarding staff will most likely keep a closer eye on the water than you do at home, refreshing it on a frequent basis throughout the day. Dogs drink more when they reach home for a variety of reasons, including feeling more at ease, being extremely happy, or being freaked out by the automobile journey home. Make sure they have access to water, but don’t let them drink it in large quantities straight quickly; it will make them sick. Allow them to drink a decent amount before allowing them to settle and resume their usual drinking habits.

  •  Dietary Alteration

When they arrive home, they may gorge themselves. Did they eat while they were gone, you wonder? Yes, once more. Water’s over-excitement at seeing you and returning may affect their typical behavior. Don’t give them food immediately away. Allow them to relax and eat for a few hours after you come home. Bark N Walk provides quality food because we care for them as a family.

  •  Personality Change

When you return home, your dog may ignore you or become too attached. Both are perfectly normal. My dog considers it a personal crime that I went away for the weekend without him. After the novelty of seeing me wears off, he becomes furious and morose, giving me the “silent treatment” for a day or two. My second dog is just the opposite. He is a rescue, and he clings to me for a day or two after I returned for him. Both reactions are natural. Dog boarding treats every dog differently.

  •  Stool Changes or Vomiting

Because of all the excitement or stress, your dog’s stool may be mushy or loose. If you transferred your dog from the facility food to yours in a short amount of time, they might just be readjusting. Some dogs have more sensitive stomachs than others; adjustments have little effect on some while having a substantial impact on others. Furthermore, if your dog is vomiting, it might be because it drank too much water or ate too quickly. Fast your dog for 12 hours and call your veterinarian if the problem persists for more than two days. Contact your veterinarian if there is any blood since this might indicate a separate problem.

  •  Sleep Pattern Alteration

Your dog will likely return home and sleep for a day or two. They are understandably exhausted if they had playtime or daycare and were romping about for longer than normal, along with a new area, new scents, and new people. The phrase “I need a holiday from my vacation” comes to mind when you go on vacation and walk a few additional kilometers a day that you aren’t used to.


No matter when and where your dog stays while you are on vacation, he will show this behavior, At Bark N Walk his stay is comfortable and memorable, we turn no stones in their care. Visit us for more facilities.

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