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Kennel Cough is a very frequent illness in dogs that is most prevalent in the spring and summer.  Don’t be alarmed if your dog develops kennel cough. This sickness works similarly to the common cold that we people occasionally encounter. Although kennel cough may seem frightening, it is usually not a serious ailment.

Kennel Cough is caused by Bordetella, a highly contagious airborne virus (parainfluenza) or bacteria. The Parainfluenza virus and the Bordetella bacteria are primarily spread by dog-to-dog contact or through contact with aerosolized droplets (airborne transmission). The Bordetella bacteria is prevalent in almost every dog, but a robust immune system prevents illness. A compromised immune system or stress can both lead to Bordetella infection.


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The most common symptom is a dry hacking cough. Your dog will start coughing often as if something is stuck in his throat. After several rounds of coughing, he usually coughs up mucous. Bark N Walk is a respected dog boarding facility, understand your concerns and take steps ahead of time.

1.) All dogs must be vaccinated against Kennel Cough once a year.

2.) Dog boarding facilities have great ventilation and are disinfected regularly with germicide.

3.) Any dog seen with the symptoms is immediately quarantined.

4.) Food and water dishes are kept in individual kennels for each dog.

5.) In the play areas, no conventional water basins, balls, or toys are permitted.

6.) If the parent wishes, the dog may not be socialized but may spend time outside alone.


A dry, hacking cough is the most typical symptom. Your dog will begin to cough often and make a sound like he has something trapped in his throat. After each round of coughing, he often produces phlegm. With proper treatment, the illness will most likely run its course and pass in approximately 10 days as long as the phlegm is light in color and the patient appears to be in good spirits. Additionally, a watery nasal discharge might be present. Dogs who have minor illnesses can still eat and remain awake and active.

People frequently connect it with dogs who have stayed in dog boarding kennels. However, your dog doesn’t have to be in a kennel to have a cough. The greater the dog’s chances are of quickly recovering from the illness or avoiding it altogether. The best course of action is to strengthen your dog’s immune system by feeding him a portion of nutritious food. This explains why, in the event of an outbreak, not all dogs in the kennel (or residence) would contract the disease.

It breaks your heart to see your pup in sickness while you are gone but you can be stress-free when he stays with us at Bark N Walk’s pawsome homes. We treat your babies just like our own family. Visit us or visit our website to know more.

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