Dog Boarding: The Ultimate Happiness

Do you ever wonder if your dog is having a good time while being boarded? You don’t live alone! This emotion is shared by many pet owners, and it makes sense to want to make sure our canine companions are having fun. This post will go over numerous ways to tell if your dog is enjoying himself while staying at a dog boarding facility. Additionally, we will provide them with advice on how to have the best experience possible.

7 Obvious Signs Your Dog Enjoys Boarding

There are a few key signs that your dog is enjoying himself while at dog boarding. The following are some things to watch out for:


dog boarding


1. They are worn out when they arrive home

This is maybe the clearest sign that your dog liked his time at the boarding facility. They have obviously been playing all day if they return home and immediately pass out on the floor.

2.) They Enjoy a Balanced Appetite

When your dog returns home with a good appetite, it’s another sign that they’re happy at the dog boarding facility. This suggests that they are unconcerned and may be eating and drinking often.

3.) They’re Wag Their Tail 

A happy dog will often wag its tail when it sees you. This is a joyful and enjoyable display.

4.) They don’t seem concerned

Your dog is likely to have a good time in daycare if they are relaxed and don’t exhibit any signs of anxiety.

5. They get along with other canines nicely

If your dog enjoys their time in boarding, they’ll probably get along with the other dogs. This suggests they don’t feel isolated or lonely.

6.) They Pay Attention to the Staff

If your dog pays attention to the personnel, there’s still another sign that it likes dog boarding. This shows that they are at peace with the people taking care of them.

7.) They Enjoy Their Time

This one should go without saying, but if your dog likes his time in boarding, he will let you know! They could be running around, playing with toys, or acting in a generally content manner.


While all of these are signs that your dog is happy while staying at a dog boarding facility, the best way to be sure is to inquire with the staff. The staff should be able to let you know how your dog is doing and whether they are enjoying themselves or not.

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