Why Most Dog Boardings in Delhi NCR Are Full

The way it has become difficult to get bed or oxygen for covid-19 infected patients mostly in Delhi NCR, it has become equally difficult to find space in a good dog boarding home too. A dog needs lot of attention, time & energy of his human parents or other family members on a regular basis. Apart from food, vitamins or supplements long walk at least twice a day is a must for a healthy dog. And who doesn’t want a healthy doggo! But current situation of covid-19 second wave has affected many loving dog parents who are unable to take care of their dogs as much they generally used to do. It is obvious for the whole family to get quarantined for two weeks even when a single person tests Covid positive; due to which the regular dog walk becomes impossible for pet parents. Dog walkers also either avoid coming for their duty or they are not allowed to enter such houses or societies. A dog might get sick or depressed due to such drastic change in his/her routine. When a human goes under depression a dog can help him or her coming out of it but a responsible dog parent would never let the dog go under depression due to stress or negativity of the house. Hence, they prefer booking a clean & comfortable pet boarding with AC cabins & good staff. The dog owners are not just looking at cheaper rates but also a good ambiance or campus for their dogs to have a good stay when they are away from the house for almost half a day. This is one of the reasons of no or very less vacancy in dog hostels.

dog boarding in Delhi NCR

Another reason is quite a few dog homes are closed due to lack of staff at the moment as many workers have left the city and went back to their natives; Or many pet home owners are currently afraid of taking dogs from covid infected families in their premises.

However, there are good dog boarding homes where staffs are trained and there is a proper human contact free procedure of check in & check out. One of such dog hostel is Pawsome Homes by Bark n Walk at Bijwasan Delhi adjacent to Palamvihar Gurgaon. There is an online boarding form available on their website to fill in the dog’s details right from his name, food habits to  check in check out dates. And a trained staff for handing taking over at the gate.  Besides AC cabins & CCTV camera they also have a dog park with toys & other playing activity tools to make the stay great from all aspects for the dogs. All that a dog parent needs to do is fill the form, make the payment online and get the dog dropped by a friend, neighbour or a relative. The best part is they are not taking advantage of the situation rather offering a special discount for covid affected dog parents. So a reasonable dog boarding centre is just a call /click away.

To know more you may call on +91 92679 95673 or log on to

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