Why You Should Familiarize Your Fur Ball With A Dog Boarding Beforehand

If you are a dog parent, it is obvious you treat your fur ball as a part of your family and you know the pain of leaving your bundle of joy behind at times where you need to travel or be away from home. Most dog parents treat their pets as a part of their family, while quite a few simply treat them as an accessory to their lifestyle. As a dog owner, you must make sure that you provide your dog with the same amount of love and care as one would provide to their own child so that with time you evolve as a dog parent rather than a dog owner.

The idea behind a dog boarding is to provide your dog a safe and comfortable space, which your pet can get accustomed to and enjoy their holiday getaway with their other furry buddies too.

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a long holiday getaway, you always need to ensure that your pet does not feel left out and is taken care of with utmost caution and care during this period. While Dog boardings provide exactly that, yet it does not entirely depend on the dog boarding to make sure that your pet feels safe and comfortable around this new atmosphere. It is in fact the duty of a dog parent to make sure that their doggo feels safe, comfortable and most importantly happy around the new space and atmosphere.

So, what can as a dog parent you do in order to ensure that the safety, comfort and happiness of your doggo are intact in a boarding? The answer to this question lies within itself, it is the dog parent that can help get his/her pet to get accustomed to a dog boarding beforehand, and here’s how they can do exactly that!

Dog Boarding

• Give your Doggo time by starting slowly

It is never easy for your pet to get accustomed to a new place at once and thus, it is crucial that as a dog parent, you introduce a new surrounding to your pet at a slow pace. Some dogs take time to adjust to a new set up and the process behind this tends to often drain them both physically as well as mentally. You can bring your dog by the premises for a little visit so that they can explore the facility by themselves. Once your dog is familiar with the environment, they are more likely to be comfortable and happy during their stay there.

• Build a routine around the premises of the dog boarding

Most dog boarding have a variety of facilities available around their premises via which you can build a routine for your enthusiastic woofer. There are cafes and play areas where you can either grab a treat along with your fur ball or play fetch and channel your pets energy in a manner that is both fun and healthy for them. Building a routine does not mean that you need to spend all your time at the dog boarding, it is more about spending time in an efficient manner that can help your dog adapt better to the new space. 

• Introduce your dog to the trainers and supervisors around the boarding

Dog boarding are equipped with some of the best trainers and supervisors to care and help your dogs throughout their stay at the facility. But it is quite difficult for dogs to adapt to their supervision at once. It is important that your pet is introduced to them beforehand and in a manner that is not forced but is rather smooth. One can’t force such interaction and so it is better that you let it happen on your pets terms. You can start by introducing their scent or letting them feed your doggo with his favorite treats.

As a dog parent, it is your duty to ensure that you fur ball feels safe and loved rather than being left out, scared or homesick. By familiarizing your dog to a boarding beforehand you are not only taking care of his mental condition but also ensuring that the place is known as a regular coming and going place to your pet.

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