Get the Best Dog Grooming Services in Delhi NCR to Pamper your Kid

And here it comes, a shiny furry kid prancing to you with all the aroma wrapped around. Imagining sweet right? I’m sure you want it too for your furry friend. Summers are the season where not just you but your canine needs grooming sessions too, to keep them lovable and flawless. BarknWalk providing dog grooming services in Delhi NCR, believes in a tacit experience that shall be given to every canine that knocks the door. So, let’s dive in to know what their arena has to offer.

dog grooming services in Delhi NCR

Get to know the boon Bark n Walk give away from the hustle-bustle of the City:

Best Packages: The services given in combos and packed well are the best. That’s what Bark n Walk offers for canine, good combos and packages.

Pet-Friendly Products: We know what suits your canine the best. All the products used for grooming and spa sessions are 100% safe and pet-friendly.

Medicated and Dry Bath: We understand that summers leave no stones unturned to give bummers to canines. But what matters is, we always got your back. The medicated and dry baths help removing ticks from their body and fur which ultimately makes them feel fresh and removes the itchiness completely. Our dog grooming services in Delhi NCR includes every element that is necessary for medicated bath. They also make the bathing session fun with some water splash with sprinklers in their ground and a good massage while bathing.

Hair Cut: We know you want your kid to look smart and stand out in the crowd. Guess what! They don’t believe in transforming a living being to a toy in order to make more money. Dogs are cute anyway. So they concentrate only at giving the best comfort in summer with a neat &clean hair cut.

Cleaning: Just cleaning the ticks and soaping the fur is not enough when it comes to canines. The grooming and spa services are inclusive of nail treatments, ear-cleaning & paw cleaning.

De-matting: Shedding of hair is a very natural process and one cannot do anything about it specially in summers but what we can take care about is, not letting knots of fur remain for too long. Our services include de-matting of the knots auto-created on the canine body with time.

Once you’re in it and you avail these services, there’s no way going back and turning your face away from these. Give Bark n Walk a chance to let you experience all the good and no foul affair you’ll ever encounter. There’s a long hitched way with us.

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