The Good, Bad, And Everything In Between About Dog Boarding

Does your dog understand basic commands like sit and stay? Is he well-socialized with other people and pets, or is he aggressive or skittish? Before deciding on dog boarding, you should be able to answer these questions.

Ensure that your pet has received all necessary vaccinations. If medications or special diet food are required, make sure to write down the dosage instructions. Include your veterinarian’s phone number as well as emergency contact information for yourself and a nearby friend or family member. Inform them of any special concerns you have, such as epilepsy or a fear of loud noises. When you drop your dog off at dog boarding, go through the instructions and contact information with them. Make your goodbyes brief and to the point. Long, drawn-out goodbyes may be upsetting to your pet. Have a lovely trip and be assured that your furry pet is in good hands, and look forward to seeing that wagging tail when you return.


dog boarding

Why is heat so dangerous?

How your dog can stay cool in the heat!

  • An animal can die from overheating (heat prostration). Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle, since even with the windows cracked, a parked car, truck, or van may soon turn into a furnace. Parking in the shadow provides little protection since the sun moves during the day. Carry a gallon thermos filled with fresh, cold water when traveling. The same applies to dog boarding, it should never be overheated and always balance out the temperature, which Bark N Walk seriously understands.


  • In hot, humid conditions, do not urge your animal to exercise after eating. Always exercise him or her in the early morning or late evening. Exercising is good, but overexertion in hot temperatures frequently results in heat stress. Excessive exertion should be avoided on hot days.


  •  In exceptionally hot weather, avoid leaving your dog out on the street and limit walks. He is considerably closer to the scorching asphalt, and his body may soon heat up. His paws might burn since he doesn’t wear shoes. If you want your dog to have fun or leave him for some time/someday, we are always ready to be on your radar.


  •  Never take an animal to the beach unless you can provide her with a shady area and enough of fresh water to drink. After soaking in salt water, rinse her off.


  •  Always offer enough shade for an animal that is left outside. A well-built dog home is the finest option. Never tie up your dog in an area where it cannot get shade or water.


Family, friends, your vet, groomer, or trainer are all excellent places to begin. Look for “Kennels & Dog Boarding” on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages. Once you have names—even if they came from reliable sources—do a complete background investigation on the dog boarding.

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